What is rich snippet and how to use it

What is rich snippets and how to use it?

What is rich snippets and how to use it?

What is Rich snippets?

Rich-snippet is actually a term that used to describe data markup which is structured and that is added to existing HTML by site operators.

Why Rich-snippet is important for your site?

Before we answer this question we have to know what snippets are? Actually, these are short descriptions that help to give an idea to users about what each link has to offer before they click on anything by accompany search results.
Users can decide whether or not each result is relevant to them with the help of snippets.
Rich snippets are important for your site because by them you may be benefited in many ways. Like, a rich snippets contains information than a standard snippet.A rich-snippet contains much more information and looks much nicer. Any visitor will be able to know about what they are looking for on your site because your snippet will provide them with all of the information that they need to know. By this, they can easily choose your specific product or service. Rich snippets have a much higher click through rate and this is because if the click through rate of your snippet increases, the amount of traffic generated will be more higher.

The different types of rich-snippets:

Now we have already know what rich-snippets are. Let’s look at a glance at all the various kinds of rich-snippets.

  • People: This rich snippet shows information like the person’s accomplishment, profession, biography.
  • Products: This rich-snippet displays useful information about consumer goods.
  • Events: This rich-snippet primarily shows particulars of upcoming events.
  • Recipes: This one provides a quick overview of anything you need to know about a certain recipe.
  • Music: Musics rich-snippet shows things like ratings and song titles.
  • Video: This one displays a thumbnail along with uploader name, uploader date, video description – the exact things you will find when you search for videos within YOUTUBE itself.
  • Software: This rich-snippet practically functions the same way as the one we use for products.
  • Local business and organizations: This one help people by showing companies online and a couple of useful extras.

Benefits of rich-snippets:

There are many benefits of rich-snippet. Some benefits are given below:
Rich-snippet could lead to higher user engagement with your pages and might land more qualified traffic.
These snippet can help to pre-qualify website visitors and that can be particularly beneficial for e-commerce sites.
Rich-snippets have a much higher click-through rate and that is why if the click-through rate of your snippet increases, the amount of traffic generated will be higher.
By displaying your site has reviews and you have got ratings for your site in rich snippets, you are increasing the credibility of your site.
The visitors would have known the price, availability, and review through rich-snippets. That means the visitors are well informed and have made an educated decision in visiting your site.

Importance of rich snippets