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Five Reasons Why Everyone Is Learning Digital Marketing These Days!


Digital Marketing is a term which leads us to connectivity between customer and brand through the assets of Digital Content. Digital Marketing is not much far away from traditional marketing system. It’s like a part of it but not same one. So if you want to define Digital Marketing you need to define the marketing concept. But the tiny difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional marketing is using only the digital content. There are lots of reasons behind learning Digital Marketing. It might be personal or corporate but the common thing is learning marketing with digital content. From the tons of reason I have come up with few of the Reason, why people is learning Digital Marketing These days.

Switching from 4P to 4C

Now you might be curious of what is 4P and what is 4C. Let me explain that to you, 4P means product, promotion, place and people. This 4P’s represents common marketing concept. Which is the thing you need is product and people the other 2 is only assets. Yes! In terms of marketing in my opinion promotion is like an asset. Because in traditional form of marketing you need to be watchful with promotion and there are lots of limitation in promoting your product through this marketing system. But you have to keep it on your mind that, THE BASIC OF EVERY PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY ARE SAME.

Now let’s talk about 4C’s, By Digital Marketing institute these 4C’s can be defined as co-creation, currency, consumer and conversation. You can also define co-creation as  a process of engaging consumer with product before it is ideally launch. As a result, Consumer can customize or personalize the product with their own demand. Currency or price is another asset of evolving people with content and product. Dynamic pricing which involves flexible pricing based on capacity utilization and market demand.

Consumer’s are basic term which is a common part of marketing. The important thing with consumer is reaching them out with best way of tactics with marketing materials. Conversation can equally defined by Digital marketing and traditional marketing. But the most fortunate reason with conversation and digital marketing is The Digitalization. People are evolving with digital product and promotion only because there are conversation.

Cost Effectiveness of Digital Marketing

Most of the startup companies have very little budget or capitalization. So its important that if the marketing tactics does not cost effective then nothing is going to work out. Digital Marketing helps them to get maximum profit with bounded budget which is very important for startups. According to Gartner’s Digital Marketing spent report about 40% of the respondent claimed to get considerable savings by using the way to Digital Marketing methods of promoting their product and service.

Generate Better Revenue

According to Google,Companies using Digital Marketing strategies, Have 2.8 time better revenue Growth expectancy. Digital Marketing techniques generates high conversion rate which.will deliver loads of profitable benefits in terms of getting higher revenue.

Target Audience

In terms of target audience traditional marketing strategy is far away from it. On the other hand, Digital Marketing always helps a business to reach their target audience and showcase their product and service. We know that reaching target audience is very important for any kind of business. It helps a business to grow up faster. Digital Marketing will not only helps a business to reach their target audience but also it helps them to promote their product strategically. Target audience is a key point of any kind of marketing solution. So in terms of it Digital Marketing always wins.

Building Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is a thing which is very important for any corporate company. Brand reputation always play lead role in marketing. So a brand with great reputation can easily attract its buyer and convert them into their customer. But my point is, how brand reputation can be built through Digital Marketing.

Very simple, if you want to build a perfect relationship with your target audience you need deliver promised product.Here recommendation is keypoint. A customer recommendation always very important for any kind of company. In fact a customer is a cell promotional asset. He even can build a network which will turn prospects into leads and this is how your brands reputation gets higher.

Bottom line

So Digital Marketing is a great way to promote your product these days. You even don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for promoting your product. But what you need to know is proper strategy. A proper way of technique can lead you a great amount of profit. But the point is you need to learn it. Because you know the best about your product and you know whom are your audience.